AerisGuard Food Hygiene Cleaning & Sanitation

The SMART choice for food cold chain and machine hygiene

With proven technology derived from hospital infection microbial control, AerisGuard anti-microbial multi-enzyme technology safely cleans, removes and provides protection from re-contamination all food preparation and transportation surfaces such as cool room, refrigerators and cold chain transport.

AerisGuard has been HACCP certified and approved as safe for ice-cream machines, beer and beverage lines and ice machines.

Uniquely effective, safe to use, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and cost efficient, AerisGuard is a total solution for food cold chain and machine hygiene.


Quick Serve Restaurants can benefit greatly from integration of several key Aeris technology and Hygiene product lines

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Cold storage and refrigerated logistics form a key element across several industries including food and beverage, supermarket, hospitality and menu more Aeris technology and product range can greatly benefit thees industries in may ways.

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