Aeris SmartENERGY

Aeris SmartENERGY uses a whole of system approach to HVAC&R optimisation:




REFINE System Performance  – providing an long term affect to simple maintaince soultions and process AerisGuard will improve and maintaine optimal perfomance levels to key system components

  • Heat Exchanger Optimisation – AerisGuard™ cleans and removes contaminants from coils as well as protecting it from recontamination.This delivers better heat transfer and improved energy efficiency
  • Air Flow Optimisation – Aeris Duct Sealant minimises efficiency losses by eliminating leaks in ductwork.
  • Filter life cycle optimisation – AerisGuard™ Filter Treatments improve air flow by preventing contaminant build-up in filter media.

IMPROVE  Indoor Air Quality, building comfort and social use – maximising these 3 simple elements will increase the productivity of occupants within the conditioned space, ensuring  a greater user experience and highly valued environments

  • Better control of temperature
  • Better control of humidity
  • Stable environments

REDUCE energy Consumption

  • Compressor Optimisation-  The SmartENERGY technology platform improves energy efficiency by optimising the compressor operation with the installation of the Aeris SmartHUB technology. The HUB provides superior operational efficiency of the unit by better matching the heat load and performance of the unit by using real-time dynamic control management.                       Aeris SmartHUB Brochure
Case Study: CaseStudy – SmartENERGY


SmartENERGY Technology Platform – Compressor Optimisation

The SmartENERGY technology platform improves energy efficiency by optimising the compressor operation. This is achieved by better matching the heat load using real-time dynamic demand management.

The Aeris SmartENERGY technology platform provides:

  • Retrofit solution for both new and existing equipment
  • Improved efficiency and energy savings
  • Compatibility with most HVAC&R control systems
  • Complements most BMS functions with comprehensive energy and performance reporting
  • Prolonged equipment life cycle
  • Sustained maximised efficiency of systems
  • Reduced life cycle cost of equipment (cost of ownership)


How does the SmartENERGY Technology Platform work?

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    Self Learn

    The proprietary AERIS SmartENERGY platform measures and records the historical operating patterns of the system.

    The self-learn mode applies the best fit control algorithm to determine the most effective operating conditions to achieve the desired temperature.

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    Adaptive Control

    SmartENERGY uses real time dynamic demand and energy management control.

    As the room temperature approaches set point, it intuitively turns the compressor off or unloads stages (for fixed speed compressors) or reduces the capacity load (for digital scroll compressors).

    As the temperature moves away from set point, it re-engages compressor operation to minimise temperature fluctuations, whilst maximising the compressor efficiency.

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    The real time dynamic demand management cycle is repeated up to 4 times per hour.

    This minimises energy consumption and reduces running costs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Retrofits to both new and existing HVAC&R equipment.
  • Real time dynamic demand and energy management platform.
  • Compressor operation is optimised using proprietary logic.
  • Reduces energy usage and running costs.
  • Complements most HVAC&R controls and Building Management Systems.


Suitable for most air conditioning and refrigeration equipment:

  • Air cooled/ water cooled HVAC systems.
    • All fixed speed compressors
    • Most Variable speed system (Inverter, VAV)
  • Cool rooms and freezer rooms with single & dual compressor systems.
  • Multiple compressor rack systems (common in refrigeration)
    • All fixed speed reciprocating compressors.
    • Variable speed drive reciprocating compressor (typically the lead compressor) and the remainder fixed speed
    • Fixed speed screw compressors
    • Screw compressors with variable speed drive(s)
    • Turbocore compressors
  • Refrigerated containers fixed and mobile transport
  • All Chilled water plant (central plant) including Ammonia systems