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Keep your spaces COVIDSafer with Aeris


Keep your spaces COVIDSafer with Aeris

Ensure your studio is safer for your team and clients - use these guides to be confident about hygiene safety

High Risk Areas

High risk areas are any surfaces customers and the team will be touching many times a day such as door handles, taps, light switches and keyboards.

Aeris Active works on hard surfaces – this hospital grade hard surface disinfectant cleaner kills COVID-19 in one minute and offers ongoing protection against bacteria for up to 7-days or 200 touches.


Spin bikes, weights, reformers and other machines should be sprayed and wiped with Aeris Active as often as your hygiene assessment log suggests; or at least once a day.

We recommend encouraging clients to bring their own mats and to sanitise these after use. If shared mats are being used we recommend disinfecting them with Aeris Active at least once a day or more based on frequency of use.

Walls & Floors

Aeris recommends wiping down walls and mopping floors with Aeris Guard surface cleaner & sanitiser at least once every two weeks or per your existing cleaning intervals.


All hard surfaces should be cleaned with Aeris Active once a day. Reapply Aeris Active to high touch surfaces such as taps throughout the day depending on usage.

Washroom floors should be cleaned using Aeris Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser.

Hand Sanitiser

A hand sanitiser station should be set up at the entrance of your studio to encourage clients to apply as they enter the facility. Set up several sanitiser stations throughout your studio so that your trainers and customers can sanitise as often as possible.

Hygiene Maintenance

We've made some handy FREE cleaning logs and posters (see Resources section below), to help you keep track of cleaning and hygiene. Keep one in each room, use it to determine how often each surface gets touched and work out how to apply the correct Aeris Active cleaning intervals.

Note: Applying Aeris Active is as simple as spraying and wiping onto the surface like any other spray on disinfectant. However it is important to always follow the instructions for use — including wearing gloves, a mask and eye protection.

Which Hygiene Pack?



Poster: Stop, Sanitise and Distance

Handy poster to display to remind everyone to stop, sanitise and distance in these COVID times
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