Aeris Tri-Enzyme Clean technology is the next generation of enzymatic cleaning.

Enzymes are biological compounds that speed up a chemical reaction. They are a type of “good bacteria” that breaks down “bad bacteria” such as waste, dirt, stains, odours and germs. Often cleaning with enzymes has meant a compromise to cleanliness as they have a reputation for being softer for users, surfaces and the environment.

Not any more! Aeris’s patented Tri-Enzyme Clean technology has resolved that challenge. Cleaning with Aeris Tri-Enzyme Clean offers the efficacy of caustic and acidic cleaners without the level of risk and damage. The unique Tri-Enzyme Clean breaks down the proteins in the “bad bacteria” more effectively than so you no longer have to compromise your cleanliness.


Residual Shield is a breakthrough in lasting surface disinfection.

Residual Shield is an invisible protective film that stays on the surface to disinfect in between cleans. Normal disinfectants work from the moment that they are applied, but once touched a surface is easily recolonised with germs. Invisible to the eye, Residual Shield continues to disinfect and keeps killing bacteria between cleans.


Aeris Probiotic-Guard technology is a unique, natural, approach to a perennial problem, mould, mildew and biofilm.

Probiotics are a type of “good” bacteria that can be used to clean and remove odours. When used in this way, the probiotics, or “good bacteria”, outcompete organic compounds that can cause mould mildew and biofilm. Aeris Probiotic-Guard leaves an invisible barrier of natural enzymes and probiotics that naturally activate when “bad bacteria” is present to fight blockages, mould, mildew, odour and biofilm.

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