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    Flood Remediation

    Floods are estimated to be the costliest natural disaster in Australia. No two floods are the same and can vary depending on the quantity, duration and location of rain falling on our catchments. After these disasters, we need to clean and rebuild. It is part of the Australian spirit and our resilient nature.

    The AerisGuard range of products were developed especially for this task, powered by patented technology they not only clean and disinfect, but can remove and prevent mould from returning. Our products get the job done right, so it lasts the test of time.

    Step 1: Clean

    CLEAN WITH Aeris Mould Pro

    Your “make-safe” first step, especially under highly contaminated conditions like flood.

    • Kills mould and mildew
    • Removes surface discolouration caused by mould and mildew
    • Proven to kill bacteria for up to 24 hours

    CLEAN WITH AerisGuard Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser

    AerisGuard Surface cleaner is excellent as a general purpose cleaner due to its versatility and because it effectively sanitises and cleans very dirty surfaces.

    • Cleans and sanitises easily and effectively, just spray on and wipe off
    • Best used to treat walls, floors, ceilings and large scale surfaces
    • Clean first with Aerisguard Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser to clean the dirty surface, then apply Aerisguard Bioactive Surface Treatment for long term protection against mould re-growth

    Step 2: Prevent

    PREVENT WITH AerisGuard Bioactive Surface Treatment

    Residual treatment that ensures bacterial and fungal regrowth is greatly reduced following mechanical and general cleaning.

    • Improved surface hygiene
    • Provides up to 12 months lasting protection from mould fungus and bacteria
    • Application is fast, efficient and easy

    PREVENT WITH Aerishield®

    Apply Aerishield® on soft furnishings including carpet tops to protect from mould and odour.

    • Leaves an invisible barrier of mould fighting probiotics
    • Safe for the applicator
    • Also eliminates odours produced by mould and mildew

    TIP: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R)

    The importance of ventilation systems in buildings during remediation is sometimes overlooked. After the initial clean up, indoor air quality will become more and more critical and the HVAC system has a big role to play. This takes specialised products and Aeris has a range that effectively deals with contamination of the system, from the coils, to filters, to the ducting.

    Aeris Guard HVAC & R Multi-Enzyme Coil Cleaner

    Enzyme-based cleaner & surface preparation product for HVAC&R evaporator coils

    • Coil efficiency improvement of up to 54.6%
    • Completely biodegradable & washes down the drain safely
    • Quick and easy to use and safe in all working environments
    • For best results pair with AerisGuard Indoor Coil Treatment and AerisGuard Multi-Enzyme Condensate Pan Table

    AerisGuard Indoor Coil Treatment

    Improves airflow and performance of the heat exchanger

    • Provides up to 12 months’ residual protection against mould & odour-causing bacteria*
    • Optimises energy efficiency and reduces running costs – extending asset lifespan
    • Designed for use within high velocity air flow systems
    • Easily applied on-site
    *When used in conjunction with AerisGuard HVAC& R Multi-Enzyme Coil cleaner

    AerisGuard Multi-Enzyme Condensate Pan Tablet

    Minimises the risk of blockages and condensate overflow that can damage property

    • Enzymes and biocides minimise biofilm formation in drain pans and drain lines
    • Provides protection between maintenance intervals
    • Supplied in three sizes, which can be used individually or in multiples

    AerisGuard Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser

    A simple clean and sanitise solution for hard surfaces including those in HVAC&R systems

    • Easy to use – spray on, wipe off
    • Kills 99.9% of odour causing bacteria
    • Improve air quality and boost system performance
    • For optimal results use with AerisGuard Surface Treatment and AerisGuard Pan Tablet

    AerisGuard Bioactive Surface Treatment

    Long term surface hygiene for air-handling systems and cold storage rooms

    • Prevent the growth of bacteria and mould for up to 12 months
    • Prolong your asset and equipment life
    • Minimises corrosion and reduces maintenance
    • Ideal as part of an annual maintenance program


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