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    School & Office Cleaning Solutions

    As people around the country begin to return to schools and offices, it’s more important than ever to keep these spaces clean, sanitised and safe. This includes not only cleaning and disinfection, but also removing and preventing mould, controlling odours, and ensuring your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are clean, treated and working to their full capacity.

    Every school and workplace has unique cleaning, sanitisation and treatment requirements, and with Aeris’s large range of products, there’s a product to suit your needs. Powered by patented technology and trusted by some of Australia’s largest organisations, our products get the job done right first time, saving you time and effort.

    Cleaning & Disinfection

    Now more than ever it’s crucial to keep high traffic areas of your workplace or school clean and disinfected. Whether that’s reception areas, kitchens, wash rooms or other high touch spaces, with the powerful Aeris range you can clean and disinfect both hard and soft surfaces quickly, easily and effectively.

    Aeris Defence

    Broad spectrum antibacterial disinfectant cleaner with outstanding ongoing protection

    • Lasting protection, continues to kill germs between cleans for up to 24 hours
    • Kills COVID-19, influenza, and a broad spectrum of bacteria
    • Single step application to clean and disinfect
    • Hospital grade disinfectant

    Aeris Active Hard Surface Disinfecting Paper Towel

    Sustainably sourced paper with a water activated broad spectrum antibacterial disinfectant

    • Wet with water to activate hospital grade disinfection
    • Kills 99.9% of COVID-19 in 5 minutes
    • Plastic-free, eco-friendly and readily biodegradable
    • Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria


    Hand washing and sanitisation has never been more important. A key defence against the transmission of germs and contagious disease is proper hand sanitisation. The Aeris Sanitising Paper Hand Towel is a revolutionary product that offers an additional line of defence when washing your hands.

    Aeris Hand Sanitising Paper Towel

    An easy to use, water activated antibacterial paper towel for drying hands

    • Highly effective antibacterial agent widely used in medical settings
    • Antibacterial properties immediately activated by residual water on hands
    • Plastic-free, environmentally-friendly and fully biodegradable


    Mould thrives in warm, moist environments, areas of above average humidity, as well as cold and wet conditions. This means it’s a common occurrence in Australian homes, schools and workplaces. Aeris offers a number of products that remove existing mould and mildew and prevent future growth.

    Aeris Mould Pro

    Triple action cleaner to fight and prevent mould regrowth

    • Kills mould and mildew
    • Removes stains caused by mould
    • Prevents regrowth of mould


    A unique formulation of probiotics that eliminates odours by digesting odour-producing molecules.

    • Ideal for use on soft furnishings like curtains, blinds, carpets and lounges
    • Also suitable for use in dishwashers or garbage bins
    • Prevents mould growth on soft surfaces
    • Use at the first sign of odour and reapply as needed


    Drains in schools, offices and workplaces encounter much more use than the drains in our homes. This means they need extra maintenance and upkeep to stop blockages and odours developing. Aeris Drain Defence is a powerful foam for unblocking and maintaining healthy drains in your home, school or office.

    Aeris Drain Defence

    A revolutionary probiotic formulation for effective maintenance of drains

    • Actively breaks down organic debris that cause blockages and odours
    • For domestic, commercial and industrial use
    • Natural mould & odour control
    • Non-corrosive and readily biodegradable


    Unpleasant odours can be a sign of mould or blocked drains. Treat the underlying cause with the relevant Aeris product as a first step, and then use Aerishield to eliminate foul odours produced by bacteria and prevent their return.


    A unique formulation of probiotics that eliminates odours by digesting odour-producing molecules.

    • Ideal for use on soft furnishings like curtains, blinds, carpets and lounges
    • Also suitable for use in dishwashers or garbage bins
    • Prevents mould growth on soft surfaces
    • Use at the first sign of odour and reapply as needed

    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R)

    The HVAC&R appliances in schools, offices and workplaces are in constant heavy use and need to be maintained as such. Aeris offers world-leading cleaning and protection products that protect from mould, deliver proven energy reductions and result in safer appliances with longer lifespans.

    Aeris Guard HVAC & R Multi-Enzyme Coil Cleaner

    Enzyme-based cleaner & surface preparation product for HVAC&R evaporator coils

    • Coil efficiency improvement of up to 54.6%
    • Completely biodegradable & washes down the drain safely
    • Quick and easy to use and safe in all working environments
    • For best results pair with AerisGuard Indoor Coil Treatment and AerisGuard Multi-Enzyme Condensate Pan Table

    AerisGuard Indoor Coil Treatment

    Improves airflow and performance of the heat exchanger

    • Provides up to 12 months’ residual protection against mould & odour-causing bacteria*
    • Optimises energy efficiency and reduces running costs – extending asset lifespan
    • Designed for use within high velocity air flow systems
    • Easily applied on-site
    *When used in conjunction with AerisGuard HVAC& R Multi-Enzyme Coil cleaner

    AerisGuard Multi-Enzyme Condensate Pan Tablet

    Minimises the risk of blockages and condensate overflow that can damage property

    • Enzymes and biocides minimise biofilm formation in drain pans and drain lines
    • Provides protection between maintenance intervals
    • Supplied in three sizes, which can be used individually or in multiples

    AerisGuard Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser

    A simple clean and sanitise solution for hard surfaces including those in HVAC&R systems

    • Easy to use – spray on, wipe off
    • Kills 99.9% of odour causing bacteria
    • Improve air quality and boost system performance
    • For optimal results use with AerisGuard Surface Treatment and AerisGuard Pan Tablet

    AerisGuard Bioactive Surface Treatment

    Long term surface hygiene for air-handling systems and cold storage rooms

    • Prevent the growth of bacteria and mould for up to 12 months
    • Prolong your asset and equipment life
    • Minimises corrosion and reduces maintenance
    • Ideal as part of an annual maintenance program


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