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HVAC&R and Air Quality

World-leading cleaning and protection products with mould & bacteria prevention for up to 7 years for certain products. Delivering proven energy reduction and safer products.

HVAC&R Cleaners

Aeris Air Quality
surface cleaner and sanitiser 1 litre
Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser Ready-to-Use 
  • 1L / 5L
Surface Cleaner Concentrate 
  • 5L
multi-enzyme hvac coil cleaner 1L
Multi-Enzyme Coil Cleaner 
  • 200ml / 1L

Multi-Enzyme Cooling Tower Cleaner 
  • 20L
outdoor coil and surface cleaner 5L
Outdoor Coil & Surface Cleaner 
  • 1L / 5L
Coil & Surface Cleaner – New Coils 
  • 5L / 20L
heavy duty cleaner 5 litre
Heavy Duty Cleaner 
  • 5L/ 20L

HVAC&R Treatments

bioactive filter treatment 5L
Bioactive Filter Treatment 
  • 1L / 5L
Pan Tablet large
Multi-Enzyme Condensate Pan Tablet 
  • Small (5) / Large (5)
Pan Tablet slim
Multi-Enzyme Condensate Pan Tablet 
  • Slimline (10)
indoor coil treatment 5L
Indoor Coil Treatment 
  • 5L
indoor coil treatment Aerosol
Indoor Coil Treatment Aerosol
  • Aerosol 200gms
bioactive surface treatment aerosol
Bioactive Surface Treatment Aerosol
  • Aerosol 400gms
Bioactive Surface Treatment 
  • 5L / 20L

Coatings and Sealants

corrosion protection plus Blue Aerosol
Corrosion Protection PLUS Blue Aerosol 
  • Aerosol 350gms
corrosion protection plus blue 5L
Corrosion Protection PLUS Blue
  • 5L / 20L
dust coating and sealant
Duct Coating and Sealant 
  • 15kg
  • Black Tint (additive)

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