Surface, Skin and Food Hygiene - Aeris Environmental

Surface, Skin and Food Hygiene

Independently validated - fastest kill - longest lasting protection.
Patented product technology delivering unrivalled benefits including infection risk management on surfaces and skin.

Hard and Soft Surfaces

Aeris range of Environmental Surfaces products
Aeris Defence
  • 750ml / 5L 
surface cleaner and sanitiser 1 litre
Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser Ready-to-Use
  • 1L / 5L 
Surface Cleaner Concentrate 
  • 5L
Aeris Active
  • 750ml / 5L / 20L
Hydrion Quarternary test paper in a dispenser ready to use to test for presence of quarternary sanitisers
Hydrion Test Paper 
  •  1 x 5m rolls
ActiPro Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes
ActiPro Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes  
  • 75 / 400 Wipes
AeriShield Indoor 
  • 750mL
Multi-Enzyme Beerline and Brewery Cleaner 
  • 5L / 20L
Multi-Enzyme Ice Machine Cleaner 
  • 1L
Bioactive Surface Treatment
  • 5L / 20L
bioactive surface treatment aerosol
Bioactive Surface Treatment Aerosol
  • Aerosol 400gms
heavy duty cleaner 5 litre
Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • 5L / 20L
Aeris Active Hard Surface Disinfecting Paper Roll
Aeris Active Hard Surface Paper Roll – 90m
  • 8 / 12 rolls per carton
Drain Defence
  • 400gms

Skin Hygiene

Skin Hygiene range at Aeris
Actisan Gel 
  • 60ml / 100ml / 500ml
ActiSan Alcohol Free
  • 100ml / 5L
Actisan Foam 
  • 150ml
Actipro Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser
  • 500ml / 5L 
Sanitising paper towel
Actisan Sanitising Hand Towel – 90m
  • 8 / 12 rolls per carton

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