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The SMART choice for real time asset level management and control

The Aeris SmartHUB device and platform offer real time control, optimisation, measurement & verification, data capture and visualisation whilst being extremely cost effective for small and medium building footprints.

The Aeris SmartHub goes beyond existing controllers being an all-in-ONE solution that has a low cost and infinite ability to integrate with other platforms such as Building Management Systems and sensors, meaning that it can penetrate further into systems than previous technology.

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The SMARTchoice for centralised asset management and reporting.

AerisVIEW is a stand alone, scalable, open source management and reporting solution that allows building managers to control and visualise their assets for optimum performance, comfort and energy efficiency in a cost effective manner.

Designed with the building operator and manager in mind, the user-friendly interface delivers real time visibility and results.

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The SMART choice for life of product corrosion resistance.

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Mould can be found almost anywhere and can grow on virtually any organic substance and grows on wood, paper, carpet, foods, and insulation.

Aeris’ proprietary probiotic based surface treatment product which provides a bio chemical barrier against fungal growth when applied to any clean surface. The product is designed for application to any surface including soft textiles and furnishings such as carpets and curtains, plastic, porous rubbers and metal.

The AerisShield Ultra barrier creates unfavorable conditions for the propagation of fungal spores, with the natural predators of mould outcompeting the fungi for nutrients and moisture. In addition to the biochemical barrier the film also encapsulates dormant probiotic bacteria that will outcompete mould and mildew when growth conditions are favorable.

On application, AerisShield Ultra kills all bacteria that is present, ensuring that all odour causing matter carried over from prior uses would be eliminated instantly and meets the requirements of the TGA commercial grade disinfectant.

The combination of enzymes in AerisShield Ultra assist in preventing offensive microbial odours in all areas of the house – preventing smelly carpets, rubbish bins, drains, septic tanks and many other places.

AerisCoat patented technology is a permanent corrosion and biofilm resistant coil coating providing long term protection and validated marketing claims for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and applied through dipping, spraying or rolling.

Corrosion is a cost that continually increases over the life cycle of assets, plant and equipment. Coastal and heavy polluted air spaces can add up to 15% of ongoing running costs of ownership to your assets and is highly accelerated by the use of commonly applied acidic and alkaline cleaners, creating significant potential liability to the applicator. Corrosion can significantly increase breakdowns and reliability in addition to requiring ongoing maintenance.


The SMART choice for value added polymer additives with proprietary benefits

The AerisGuard patented class of anti-microbial, biostatic polymers can control, prevent and inhibit mould, fungi and odour causing bacteria and are ideal for manufacturers wanting to differentiate their product line-up with superior long-lasting performance.

This technology was partially co-developed with the Australian Government Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Applications include: Hospital and healthcare surfaces, building materials exposed to high moisture levels, protective clothing and footwear and consumer durables.

AerisGuard, the Aeris SmartHUB, AerisVIEW and AerisCoat allow Aeris Environmental to uniquely offer a whole of system approach to energy and system efficiency – offering proven reduced running and maintenance costs, improved occupant comfort, indoor air quality and longer asset life whilst measurably improving the total life cycle cost of ownership.


The SMART choice for air-conditioning, refrigeration and hard surface
anti-microbial cleaners and treatments

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SmartENERGY Total Solution

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Leading building owners and managers understand that air conditioning and refrigeration account for up to 60% of a business’ electricity consumption plus a significant proportion of capital investment and maintenance costs. In today’s competitive market, not only does it make sound financial sense to optimise these systems, cleaner air can also improve occupant health and productivity – all with less impact on the environment.

Heat exchanges can quickly lose up to 80% system efficiency in normal operation because of airborne contaminants – resulting in higher running costs, maintenance costs, reduced occupant comfort, reduced asset life and therefore higher total cost of ownership.

The AerisGuard™ range not only cleans the coil and restores the heat exchange back to ‘as new’ efficiency, it also protects it from re contamination and maintains system efficiency for up to 12 months.

In addition to hygiene, long term anti-microbial and corrosion resistance, Aeris’ whole of system approach offers duct and filter treatments, bio-active pan tablets and a complete system for mould and bacterial resistance on all hard surfaces.


The SMART choice for food cold chain and machine hygiene

With proven technology derived from hospital infection microbial control, AerisGuard anti-microbial multi-enzyme technology safely cleans, removes and provides protection from re-contamination all food preparation and transportation surfaces such as cool room, refrigerators and cold chain transport.

AerisGuard has been HACCP certified and approved as safe for ice-cream machines, beer and beverage lines and ice machines.

Uniquely effective, safe to use, non corrosive, environmentally friendly and cost efficient, AerisGuard is a total solution for food cold chain and machine hygiene.