Coles are very pleased to be working together with Aeris as you don’t normally get to see good old-fashioned customer service these days, it’s a pleasure to continue building honest, ethical and trustful relationships with all staff within the Aeris group

Mitchell Cousins

Sales Engineer / Project Manager, Coles Refrigeration

VAE QLD are delighted to be working with Aeris Environmental as a Platinum Partner, The Aeris Team have and continue to support us on many fronts, they have spent the time to learn and understand a successful working relationship. The Aeris product has certainly given us an edge to our offering.

Evan Japp

Business Development Manager

I have been using  Aeris products in our HVAC business. Airconstruct HVAC since 2007.  How do i convey the merits of this product and what i have seen it do for my clients. So after consideration i elected for this one simple, honest sentence. Aeris are the best range of HVAC Hygiene and Corrosion products i have come across in 34 years as a HVAC professional

David Jones – M.AIRAH F.AIM

Director - Air Construct

G4S, Operations Manager

We thank you for the refurbishment works you have completed on our VRF outdoor units. The VRF units now look completely different and we were surprised how different they have become. As you had promised the coils are more rigid and the clogging between the fins have been completely cleared away which will obviously reflect on our energy bill. From how they looked prior to how they look now I am confident that they will increase the life span of the units by at least 3-4 years. While your company was working on the units we hardly noticed any long periods of down times which in our case was very important considering that we have a fully operating office.

With a close inspection the brush, down of the body to bare metal looks healthier than it was before. It is a pity we did not do this procedure during our warranty period as our units would not have deteriorated in such a way.

Now that  we know we will now monitor the VRF outdoors and yearly clean the coils and body with your recommended product.

Sherwin Bonnici