| Corrosion Protection Training
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Corrosion Protection Training

Corrosion Protection Coating Training Module

This Aeris Training module is to certify your competency in the use and application of the AerisGUARD Corrosion Protection Coating Plus. The outcomes of the AerisGuard process, is to provide long term Corrosion Protection for assists & equipment coated with the corrosion protection coating. This Is A 2-Step Process Including preparation and Coating.


Preparation (Cleaning)

– During the preparation process it is critical that the correct products are utilised, Aeris Provides 2 products designed for specific applications. Both new and existing units as new units (less than 6 months old) will have finishing and manufacturing oils still on the surfaces that require a different preparation product to ensure that these oils are correctly removed prior to application of the corrosion protection coating.


New units less than 6months old:

         – The correct product to use is the AerisGuard Outdoor coil & Surface cleaner NEW

         – The correct IFU to follow is IFU035

Existing units greater than 6 months old:

         – The correct product to use is Aeris Guard outdoor coil & Surface cleaner

         – The correct IFU to follow is IFU006



The AerisGUARD Corrosion protection plus provides long-term protection from corrosion to units and assets exposed to many different environments.


To achieve the required certification, you must follow steps below:
1. Watch the short video presentation below: (Coming Soon!)


2. Read the below IFU & SDS Documents: (These are hyper linked to the website products pages)

1. IFU Cleaning-Preparation of Outdoor Heat Exchange Coils & Surfaces
2. IFU Coil and Surface Cleaner for New Coils
3. IFU Application of AerisGUARD Corrosion Protection Treatment
4. SDS AerisGUARD Corrosion Protection PLUS Blue
5. SDS Coil and Surface Cleaner – For New Coils
6.  SDS AerisGUARD Outdoor Coil and Surface 


3. Complete the AerisGuard Online Exam (approx. 25 – 30 mins):

Click the following link – AerisGuard Corrosion Protection Plus Online Exam


If you have any question throughout this process please contact us at the below details info@aeris.com.au 



Once you have completed the above process and submitted your certification exam, your data will be collated and a letter of certification will be issued to you.